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Professional Locksmith Services

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24/7 emergency locksmith services for your car, home, and business.

First of all

Car Locksmith Services

Our expert car locksmiths can handle any car lockout situation, key duplication, and ignition repair with ease and speed.

a service center with a blue ribbon around the logo
a service center with a blue ribbon around the logo

Not to mention

Emergency Locksmith Services

We provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services for any lockout situation, including car, home, and business emergencies.

And let's not forget

Lock Repair Services

Our experienced locksmiths can repair any type of lock, from simple door locks to complicated high-security systems.

About us

At SERVICE R US USA, we are committed to providing top-quality locksmith services to our customers. Our team of experienced and licensed locksmiths is available 24/7 to assist with any lock-related issue.

The Creed of the Locksmith

A Locksmith always remembers their public trust.

With them rests the security of property and fortune. As a public guardian,

they shun the dishonest, the wicked and the avaricious.

For thousand of years, they and their predecessors have placed trust

and honor above temptation. their honesty is incorruptible.

Their allies are the custodians of law and order.

They are artists at their trade and the symbol of skill

and integrity to the world.

M. Leonard Singer

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Davie FL (954) 358-3024

Akron OH (330) 329-0852

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